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October 9, 2014

Tribute to Jim Sinclair

S. Simpson: Today one of British Columbia's most influential citizens, B.C. Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair, announced that after 15 years in office he will not be seeking re-election when the federation enters its convention this November.

I have known Jim for many years, going back to his days when he worked in the fishing industry for the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union. Jim has dedicated a lifetime to supporting working people, their families and communities in British Columbia.

Whether as a journalist, organizer or advocate, for over 35 years Jim has been providing leadership in the ongoing efforts of the labour movement for supporting fairness for farm workers, to increase the minimum wage and to support workers in places like Ikea where you have long, extended, difficult disputes. His leadership has supported workers in unions through many of these difficult disputes.

Jim has helped bring people together. He has built common cause in the diverse leadership of labour, and he has provided a strong voice for their efforts, an excellent example being his efforts on behalf of all the affiliates during the recent education dispute. Jim's leadership left no doubt that the BCTF had the whole labour movement with them, and that solidarity, I believe, was critical to achieving a negotiated settlement.

Jim has always believed that the labour movement has a greater obligation to the broader society and to achieving greater equality and fairness for all. That has been reflected in his work over the past 15 years as the voice of the labour movement of British Columbia.

I know that this is not a retirement for Jim as much as it is a decision to move on to other challenges and opportunities that will continue his life's work. I trust that we will all wish Jim and his family the very best in whatever future endeavours are on his horizon. Good work, brother. A job very well done.


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