Excerpt from the Official Report of


February 11, 2016

Uber services and lobbyist activities

S. Simpson: We know that Uber is a globally aggressive company. We know they take the actions they deem necessary to get what they want, including hiring a lobbyist firm full of Liberal insiders. That’s their prerogative to do that. It’s the minister’s responsibility to ensure that there is no conflict and that any perception of that is above reproach.

The question isn’t: when did his chief of staff’s daughter get on or off the file? The question is: why is his chief of staff still on the file now, when in fact there is a connection with the family? Why is that? That’s the perception of conflict. The minister knows it.


S. Simpson: What should grieve this minister is that apparently he and the rest of his cabinet colleagues don’t know how to follow the rules around conflict.

If the minister is so sure about this, will the minister release information on dates when the daughter recused herself and on dates and times when he talked to his chief of staff about this? The bottom line is she shouldn’t be on the file when she has that connection on something as conflicted as this. Absolutely, she shouldn’t. Will the minister release the documents and information to support his assertion?



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