Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 30, 2010

Vancouver school district costs and funding

The rhetoric in the minister's message box is doing nothing to help address these critical issues in Vancouver schools and elsewhere. Will the minister step out of the message box long enough to deal with these questions?

The board chair in Vancouver has been very clear. The scheduling changes that are being made are not about improving the educational experience and opportunity for our children. They are about Vancouver surviving Liberal underfunding.

So what is the minister prepared to do to support our children by helping boards like Vancouver to deal with these provincially driven cost pressures?


S. Simpson: The Vancouver board and the Vancouver board chair have told us that they are facing over $18 million in shortfalls. This isn't going to be dealt with by tweaking the school day.

Either the minister doesn't believe those numbers…. Let her stand up and say that, or let her accept the fact that that $18 million means real cuts to programs for children, fewer teachers, fewer staff, less opportunity for our children, and it will mean that our inner-city schools will have less capacity to support the challenges of our most vulnerable kids.

The minister has an obligation to get out of the message box and help these districts like Vancouver to find solutions that work for kids. Will she stand up for education and start doing that today?


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