Excerpt from the Official Report of


June 1, 2010

Weak government response to oil leak at Chevron refinery

S. Simpson: This is the Premier who presided over the slashing of the Environment Ministry's budget, slashing it to the point now where across British Columbia environmentalists, wildlife federation leaders and retired employees of the minister are questioning whether this ministry still has the capacity to do its job to protect our environment. This is reflected in the government's inability to deal with this leak and the Chevron situation. 

British Columbians expect leadership from this Premier. They expect the government to be on the ground on this site. Will the Premier tell us how many Ministry of Environment staff are on the ground dealing with the Chevron site — on site? 


S. Simpson: This is a government that has abandoned its responsibility and leadership on issue after issue in this province. Clearly, this minister has abandoned leadership on this issue and handed it over to Chevron and to volunteers. 

My question is to the person who's supposed to be in charge of this government. My question is to the Premier. Can the Premier tell us how many people are on the ground from the ministry doing the job, and if the minister won't do it, will he direct the minister to do his job? 


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