Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 5, 2015

Wholesale liquor pricing changes

S. Simpson: On July 23, 2013, I asked the Attorney General in estimates whether it was the government's intention to go to one wholesale price for liquor. The minister's response was: "The question of one wholesale price did get assessed at the time, and the assessment concluded that there would be significant impacts. There would be winners and losers. It would have been extremely disruptive to the industry and very complicated, so the decision was made not to go there." That's what the minister said in July.

Unfortunately, the minister has chosen to ignore that advice from her staff, and consequently, we have the mess that we have today. When the minister clearly knew in July 2013 that this was a bad idea, why does she persist in trying to go there today?


S. Simpson: In July, when the minister said this would be extremely disruptive to the industry and very complicated and they weren't going there, she said at that time that there was an assessment done that drew her to that conclusion. Will the minister release that assessment? If she won't release Ernst and Young, release the assessment that said: "This is a bad idea. We know it's a bad idea, but somewhere someone is getting paid off."



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