Excerpt from the Official Report of


March 26, 2007

Fuel removal from Queen of the North

S. Simpson: After more than a year, there are still as much as 200,000 litres of fuel sitting on the bottom of Wright Sound as a result of the sinking of the Queen of the North. The residents of Hartley Bay as well as the rest of British Columbians are concerned about the status of these tanks and whether they constitute an environmental and marine catastrophe waiting to happen.

While the Coast Guard may have responsibility for this matter, it does not excuse the province from protecting British Columbia's environmental interests. My question to the Minister of Environment: after a year of no resolution to this issue, what is he doing to get action for the removal of this fuel from the ocean floor now?...

S. Simpson: It's not hours anymore; it's over a year. This government has demonstrated a remarkable amount of inaction and lack of leadership when it comes to dealing with Ottawa. We saw that in the federal budget that just passed where British Columbia … lost out because of a lack of leadership from this government. Our concern now is: are we facing the same inaction and lack of leadership when it comes to this environmental question here? B.C. Ferries is accountable for this accident, and the government can't shed its responsibility for the result.

While we may have had to wait for a year to get the internal report, there's no reason why we should have had to wait for a year to get action on the fuel sitting at the bottom of Wright Sound.


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