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Shane being recognized by the Dundas St. Crossing Knight for his contributions to Slow Down Dundas.Shane being recognized by the Dundas St. Crossing Knight for his contributions to Slow Down Dundas.

Shane was first elected to represent Vancouver Hastings in the May 2005 provincial election. Born and raised in East Vancouver, Shane has been active in the community since 1971. He is currently the Minister for Social Development and Poverty Reduction. 

In his professional career, Shane has worked as the Director of Policy and Communications for Smart Growth BC, Chair of the Vancouver City Planning Commission, Instructor in the Community Economic Development program at Simon Fraser University, Executive Director of the Worker Ownership Resource Center, Legislative Coordinator for the Canadian Union of Public Employees, coordinator and fundraiser for the Ray Cam Cooperative Center, executive assistant to former Vancouver East MP Margaret Mitchell, and as a self-employed consultant on business and economic development for labour, co-operative and non-profit groups.

As a founding member of the Hastings Park Restoration Society, Shane has been active in supporting the greening of Hastings Park, including the creation of a world class urban bird sanctuary, now home to over 130 species of birds. In 2001 Shane and his neighbours were successful in preventing a concrete plant from being built adjacent to beautiful New Brighton Park  one of East Vancouver's few green spaces, home to various sea and wildlife.

Shane was the recipient of the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal for his contribution to community in 2002. In 1992, he was awarded the Governor General's 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal for Community Service.

Shane, and his partner Cate, have one adult daughter, and have lived in the same home in Vancouver-Hastings since 1989.


Celebrating the Year of the Snake at the Lunar New Year Parade.Celebrating the Year of the Snake at the Lunar New Year Parade.

冼崇山 (Shane Simpson) 於2005年5月首次被選為溫哥華喜士定區(Vancouver-Hastings)的卑詩省省議員。於溫東出生及成長的冼崇山, 他自1971年起在本社區活躍工作,服务溫東逾四十多年。2017年7月18日他宣誓就職卑詩省社會發展及扶貧廳廳長 (Minister for Social Development and Poverty Reduction).

在冼崇山(Shane Simpson)的事業里程中,他曾任卑詩發展政策及推廣(Policy and Communication for Smart Growth BC)的理事、 溫哥華城市計畫專員(Vancouver City Planning Commission)的主席、西門菲莎大學社區經濟發展 (Simon Fraser University Community Economic Development)課程講師、員工合營權資源中心(Worker Ownership Resource Centre)執行董事、加拿大公共僱員聯盟(Canadian Union of Public Employees)省議會聯絡員,Ray Cam合作中心聯絡及籌款員,前國會議員Margret Mitchell的行政助理及自組公司服務勞工、合作社及非牟利團體,關於營商及經濟的發展。

冼崇山(Shane Simpson)是喜士定公園重建組織(Hastings Park Restoration Society)的創始成員,他致力支持綠化喜士定公園(Hastings Park),包括創立一個世界級的城市雀鳥庇護所,現在已有近1000種鳥類集居。2001年冼崇山及其鄰居合力阻止一項水泥建築物項目沿New Brighton公園興建,使優美天然環境得以保全,令海洋及野生動物有更多的活動空間。

冼崇山(Shane Simpson)於2005年獲英女皇金禧獎章(Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal),作為見證他在2002年間對社區的貢獻。  而1992年,他亦榮獲總督125週年紀念社區服務獎章(Governor General’s 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal for Community Service)。



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