Excerpt from the Official Report of


May 11, 2011

Contract process for B.C. Place casino

S. Simpson: In March 2009, at exactly the same time the request for expressions of interest was being issued, the Vancouver assistant director of planning said in an e-mail: "PavCo indicated to us last year that they were talking to the casino folks about locating on the stadium site. They were planning the base of their western building to accommodate the large floor plate."

Clearly, the city knew that PavCo and the casino were talking well before the expressions of interest ever came out. How come the minister didn't know that, and if he did know it, will he withdraw the comments he made in this House last week through estimates?


S. Simpson: Hon. Speaker, you would think that the B.C. Liberal government would have learned. We've seen this movie before. The B.C. Rail scandal was all about fixing the deal for CN under an illusion of an open process. Now we see a situation where a deal gets fixed for the casino. It's the same process. You'd think the government would have learned its lesson.


S. Simpson: Does the minister agree that this process is flawed, and will he investigate?


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