Excerpt from the Official Report of


February 16, 2011

Payment of legal fees in B.C. Rail court case

S. Simpson: The deputy ministers aren't in this House to answer for the conduct of this government. This House Leader is answering, and he should provide some answers. The House Leader has mentioned the comments of the Deputy Attorney General. Let's look at the comments of the Attorney General of the day.

On October 21 he told Christy Clark's radio show: "They told me about the decision, and I agreed with it. I agreed with it then, and I agree with it now." He went on, on January 7, to say this: "I was informed of the decision. I have never shirked from my responsibility. I think I held it this time to answer politically for it. I was the Attorney General."

Hon. Speaker, the Attorney General is not here. The House Leader is speaking for the government. Accept political responsibility. Tell us why you paid the $6 million to end that trial.


S. Simpson: No government before this one has ever paid out $6 million to pay the legal fees of convicted criminals. This decision by the B.C. Liberal government is unprecedented, and it's outrageous, and it in fact impugns the public trust of these democratic institutions and of this place. That's the reality.

If this minister and this government have any concern beyond their political survival, any concern for the integrity of elected officials, you'll call a full public inquiry now. Get to the bottom of a political scandal and a lousy payout. Do it now.


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